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Alexandra Ekstein-Kon

Twin Peaks is a mysterious place. Home to 51,201 residents, the logging town in Washington state is far removed from the rest of society — and that's just the way they like it. Twin Peaks is home to colorful characters such as Dr. Lawrence Jacoby, who sports mismatched Hawaiian apparel and glasses, each lens tinted red and blue; to Leland Palmer, whose hair inexplicably turns white overnight. After the murder of Laura Palmer, the town welcomes coffee-obsessed Agent Dale Cooper, who practices the deductive techniques of the Tibetan people and is connected to the murder case by his dreams.

But while each individual has their bizarre quirks and charming ways, the residents of Twin Peaks also have secrets they carefully guard. Below is a character guide to bring you back to Twin Peaks, in which each character gets a reminder of where we left them 27 years ago.

Special Agent Dale Cooper

Sent to Twin Peaks to investigate the murder of homecoming queen Laura Palmer, Cooper treats the townspeople with respect, making him well-liked even as an outsider. His intuition and curiosity about the unknown guides him to the most eerie of places. A lover of cherry pie and damn good black coffee, Coop's own quirks blend seamlessly with the town's characters. The last time we saw Agent Cooper, however, he'd been inhabited by the evil spirit BOB after his stint in the Black Lodge. What's happening with Cooper now?

Laura Palmer

Although we first meet her as a corpse, Laura's presence permeates the town of Twin Peaks well after her untimely passing. Thought to be an all-around golden girl, Laura's secret life of wild parties, drug addiction and prostitution had long been kept under wraps. Cooper's investigation gradually reveals her secrets, exposing the corrupt underbelly of the town in the process. Though she faced darkness, Laura's reckless spirit was matched by her unwavering resistance to evil, a feat most in the town couldn't boast. Though Laura is dead, her shadow self remains within the Black Lodge to communicate with Agent Cooper through dreams and visions. She predicted he'd see her again in 25 years — and here we are.

Audrey Horne

The seductive and spoiled daughter of corrupt businessman Ben Horne dreams of romance with Agent Cooper. Trying to impress him, she becomes an unwanted co-investigator in Cooper's case, which teaches her some difficult truths very fast. When we last saw Audrey, she'd chained herself to a bank to protest the Ghostwood Development Project. A bomb exploded, having been planted in a safety deposit box, leaving us to assume Audrey's death. Mark Frost’s A Secret History of Twin Peaks reveals that she did live through the blast — but who knows how that fateful day changed her?

Leland Palmer

One of the most haunted figures in Twin Peaks, Leland didn't have the inner strength of his daughter Laura. Leland went haywire after her murder, hysterically singing, dancing, and crying his way through social interactions. The grieving father, however, was actually harboring the spirit BOB, which possessed him to rape and murder his own daughter. Eventually, BOB exited Leland's body, leaving him to die after finally realizing the evil he'd done. Even so, his shadow self still remains in the Black Lodge.

Benjamin Horne

The richest man in Twin Peaks, Ben owns the Great Northern Hotel, where he wines and dines foreign investors for local land deals. On the sly, he owns the brothel One Eyed Jack's, and delights in "breaking in" the new girls who work there. When last seen, Ben was attempting to right old wrongs by admitting to an affair with Donna Haywards's mom, much to the consternation of Donna's father. When last seen, Ben was unconscious and bleeding. According to A Secret History of Twin Peaks, Ben survived the attack and became a changed man, staying at Audrey's bedside as she recovered from her injuries after the bank blast.

Shelly Johnson

A high school dropout, Shelly waitresses at the Double R Diner after she married trucker Leo Johnson. Shelly's infectiously playful personality is tempered only by the abuse she suffers at the hands of her criminal husband. However, she embarks on a clandestine affair with high schooler Bobby Briggs and together they plan to find a way out of her situation.

Bobby Briggs

Nominally Laura Palmer's boyfriend, secretly romancing Shelly Johnson, and even more secretly dealing drugs, Bobby is ambitious but not exactly savvy. Despite being the son of one of the most contemplative citizens of the community, Major Garland Briggs, he's often impulsive and quick to anger.

Lucy Moran

The squeaky-voiced Twin Peaks sheriff's secretary. Her earnest attitude and relationship drama with Deputy Andy provide regular comic relief. After some baby daddy questions, she and Andy settle down to have a family, and in 2017, their child would be 26 years old!

Big Ed Hurley

Tall, strong and principled, Ed owns and operates the town gas station. Ed once married the unstable Nadine in a whirlwind attempt to heal his broken heart after high school sweetheart Norma cheated on him. As an adult, Ed is still in love with Norma but feels bound by duty to stick with Nadine.

Sarah Palmer

Laura's poor mother goes through the wringer after the murder of her daughter and the discovery that her husband was the perpetrator. Sarah is clairvoyant, and has visions of BOB in her home. When last we saw Sarah, she'd gone to find Major Briggs in the Double R Diner to deliver a message in a disembodied voice: "I'm in the Black Lodge — with Dale Cooper."

Dr. Lawrence Jacoby

Town psychiatrist Dr. Jacoby has a unique window into the secret lives of the inhabitants of Twin Peaks, and Laura in particular. Jacobi's obsession with Hawaii manifests in his oddball style and eccentric home. In A Secret History of Twin Peaks we learn that his medical license was revoked and he moved to Hawaii.

Phillip Michael Gerard

The one-armed shoe salesman is host to MIKE, once a murderous spirit who killed alongside the bloodthirsty BOB. Once MIKE tired of their killing sprees, he hacked off his own left arm, which sported the tattoo "Fire Walk With Me," and dedicated his time to tracking down and stopping BOB.


This murderous spirit from the Black Lodge can inhabit the souls of those who are not strong enough to resist. He uses their physical bodies to carry out despicable acts of rape and murder. Although BOB has taken many forms, he is fundamentally the embodiment of the evil that men do. Agent Cooper confronts BOB in the Black Lodge, running up against his own shadow self, and the last time we see BOB is when he's grinning out of a mirror in place of Cooper's own reflection.

Nadine Hurley

Ed Hurley's one-eyed, delusional, obsessive wife. Nadine attempts suicide, then slips into a coma, only to awake with her emotional state regressed to high school. Returning to classes, Nadine begins to forge a new path before returning to adulthood for good, at precisely the wrong moment.

James Hurley

A tortured but fundamentally good soul, James was carrying on with Laura in secret. After her death, James becomes romantically entangled with her best friend Donna. Yet James remains haunted by fear and guilt, and he tears out of town on his motorbike to try to make sense of it all.

Andy Brennan

A Twin Peaks sheriff's deputy, Andy might not be the brightest bulb, but he has a heart of gold. As Cooper so affectionately notes, his bravery is only exceeded by the size of his heart.

Deputy Tommy "Hawk" Hill

Hawk makes up one quarter of Coop's trusted law-enforcement team in Twin Peaks. A superb tracker and a loyal friend, Hawk brings both wisdom and wisecracks to investigations.

Norma Jennings

The owner of the Double R Diner and boss to Shelly Johnson, Norma is weighed down by her lying, ex-con husband Hank and a long-frustrated love for high school sweetheart Ed.

Will Hayward

The kindly town physician is a gentle soul and community leader. When last seen, however, he was dealing with the knowledge that he might not be his daughter Donna's biological father.

The Log Lady

After Margaret's husband was killed by fire on their wedding night, she became a seemingly clairvoyant recluse with one constant companion: the log which as a kind of spiritual conduit for her late husband. When the Log Lady has something to say, you'd better listen.

Ronette Pulaski

A high school student and the sole human witness to Laura's murder, Ronette escapes BOB with her life intact, but her emotional state is not quite whole.

Major Garland Briggs

The good Air Force major, Bobby's father, is a deeply contemplative soul whose work is highly classified and somehow connected to supernatural goings-on. In the book  A Secret History of Twin Peaks, we learn the major believes that Dale Cooper can help him find the White Lodge.

Albert Rosenfield

Special Agent Rosenfield is a big-city FBI forensics officer with a brusque and snarky attitue that masks an inner turmoil and peaceful personal philosophy. When pushed, Albert declares that he rejects "revenge, aggression, and retaliation," and that "the foundation of such a method is love," before he tells Truman he loves him, plops on his sunglasses and hurries out the door.

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